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Samsung Galaxy S III – Designed for Humans, Inspired by Nature

  The latest and more powerful Galaxy S from Samsung, Samsung Galaxy S III. Samsung implement lots of new feature in this third generation, There is a BSI sensor for zero lag shutter with 8 MP camera, Bluetooth 4 also available on this Galaxy S with less power to operate and have a wider range, … Continue reading

Promo Images : Men In Black II Neuralyzer (1:1 Scale Limited Edition Prop Replica)

1/1 scale Limited Edition Release date: Expected 3rd Quarter 2012 – Price: 45,000 Yen Manufacturer: Factory Entertainment Men In Black II Neuralyzer Limited Edition Prop Replica As featured in the 2002 film Men In Black II. The Neuralyzer prop replica was created after exhaustive and careful study of the original props to ensure maximum authenticity. Sony … Continue reading

Sony Xperia™ Sola, Touch navigation phone without touching

Sony implement this floating touch feature on their not yet release Xperia™ Sola, this unique floating touch screen lets consumer to navigate on screen with just hovering their finger above the touch screen. Maybe there will be no more dirty screen cause by finger print. Sola not just comes with floating touch screen technology, but … Continue reading

Review : Sony Xperia S

The first Xperia NXT series from Sony, this phone comes with an usual candy bar looks and a large screen with three tiny Android buttons under it. Xperia S use old TFT LCD but still can produce a sharp and colorful images it’s all because Sony implemented this Xperia with mobile BRAVIA Engine. 12 Megapixel … Continue reading

Google Play : All your entertainment, anywhere you go

Google Play is a place for digital entertainment, it is entirely a cloud-based storage of your music, movies, books, and apps, always available everywhere everytime for you to access. With Google Play you can: Store up to 20,000 songs for free and buy millions of new tracks Download more than 450,000 Android apps and games … Continue reading

Wikicells – Biodegradable plastic bottle

Wikicells is a biodegradable plastic that can be used to make a biodegradable plastic bottle, scientist from Harvard University developing this kind of plastic to be used with membrane that have a flavor like orange, tomatoes and other flavor. This is a great development where there will be no more un-degradable plastic bottle, because in … Continue reading

Promo Image : The New iPad

The latest released from Apple, The New iPad comes with some new feature and will be released in 16 March 2012. New features : – Retina Display With the same 9.7 inch screen Retina display will make everything looks more crisper, photos and videos will be more detailed, text and color will come sharper. It … Continue reading

AIRE mask, breath and recharge your gadget’s battery

AIRE is a device for recharging our gadget’s battery using wind energy when we are breathing, there’s a small wind turbine inside this mask device that will convert wind energy (provided by wearer’s breath) into electricity to recharge small gadget, the energy transferred via a cable. This device can be used in any situation like … Continue reading

Ferrari F12 Berlinetta : Fastest Ferrari ever built

Claimed as fastest Ferrari ever built, with 6266 cc, V12 engine, and 740 bhp this car can reach top speed on 340 km/h. Berlinetta can go 0-100 km/h in just 3.1 seconds, and reaching 200 km/h in 8.5 seconds There’s a new technology in this car, it’s called Active Brake Cooling System. This system will … Continue reading

Promo Image : Asus PadFone – it’s phone, it’s tablet, it’s notebook

Asus announce this product on Mobile World Congress 2012, but still not yet ready for sell. Asus PadFone is a phone with ability to turn into tablet and notebook. To turn it into tablet, we just have to dock it into the back of the PadFone Station, and the phone screen will transferred to the … Continue reading

Promo Image : HTC One X

This is one of the Quad Core smartphone that will be released this year, with 4.7″ screen, 1.5 Ghz Quad Core processor, using latest Android™ 4.0 OS with HTC Sense™ 4, HTC One X sure is a great smartphone where there’s two major feature that makes this phone gets the attention.   First, the camera … Continue reading

Promo Image : Sony Xperia™ NXT Series

After introducing Sony Xperia S, This time Sony announce Xperia P and Xperia U, this two new Xperia™ NXT Series from Sony still use the same Dual Core 1 Ghz processor just like the Xperia S but with smaller screen size and camera resolution.   Comparison between these Xperia™ NXT Series. Xperia S > Screen … Continue reading

Lumus OE-31, Wearable heads-up display glass

Lumus launch the wearable display glass that can be use for glasses, goggles, or any other face and head devices/objects (motorcycle helmet, visor, binoculars, etc). This thing weigh only 10 grams so it will not blocking or making those face and head devices more heavy, Lumus OE-31 have 640×360 resolution and ranging 3 meters ahead … Continue reading

Obayashi Corp.’s Space Elevator in 2050

Japanese company, Obayashi Corporation plans to build elevator from earth to space in 2050, it will spanned 32.000 Km in to space. Due to some factors, this elevator should be able to stand the earth rotation, so the corporation will build this elevator using cable made of carbon nanotubes as the connectors, this cable known … Continue reading

Google Sea View : Dive without getting wet

Another new feature from Google Earth, after launching moon and sea exploration now they preparing for underwater experience. Joining with University of Queensland and Caitlin Group, Google will presenting the most beautiful underwater panorama which is The Great Barrier Reef in Australia. The underwater view also can be watched with 360° feature in Google Earth … Continue reading