1/100 Scale

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Remodel : AMX-004 Qubeley (MG 1/100 Scale)

Work by modelworksma Source : Advertisements

Remodel : MS-09F/DTP06 Dom Tropen Full Equipment Type (MG 1/100 Scale)

Work by D-Factory Remodeled by yasue Source and more images :

Remodel : FA-010-A FAZZ (MG 1/100 Scale)

Source :

Remodel : RX-79(G) Gundam Ground Type (MG 1/100 Scale)

Work by eternal_phantom (Maverick) Source and more images :

Remodel : MSN-06S Sinanju Custom Ver.EVOLVE (MG 1/100 Scale)

Work by Charistma (takepunin) Source :

Remodel : Z’Gok (1/100 Scale)

Work by mat modeling service (matmat825) Source and more images :

Remodel : MS-18SE Kampfer (MG 1/100 Scale)

Modeled by itto Source : gundammodelkits

Remodel : RGM-79N STAGE.9 GM Custom (MG 1/100 Scale)

Modeled by takumijp

Remodel : PMX-003 The O (MG 1/100 Scale)

Work by srak_F Source :

Remodel : MS-06S Char’s Zaku (MG 1/100 Scale)

Work by CathedralBells Source :

Custom Build : FA-007 G III Full Armor Gundam Mk-III Londo Bell Type (1/100 Scale)

Work by ms06ssc2 Source :

Diorama : MSM-07 Z’gok vs. RGM-79 GM “Heart Breaker” (MG 1/100 Scale)

Work by RUN Source :

Remodel : MSN-06S Iron Sinanju (1/100 Scale)

Work by tankobu777 Source and more images :

Remodel : RX-93 Nu Gundam (Ver.Gundam EVOLVE5) (MG 1/100 Scale)

Work by s06ssc2 Source and detail images :

Diorama : RX-78-2 Gundam Real Type Color in Hangar (1/100 Scale)

Work by boy2532 Source :