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1/144 Scale, Work In Progress

(Update, 13 June 2012 – Finished Work) – Gundam AGE-3 Normal (HG)

My first kit from AGE series, High Grade Gundam AGE-3 Normal and my second kit this month. a really simple kit with a few runner and new format for the guide book.

10 June 2012

Starting on sunday then complete the body and head parts, i have a few problem when building this part. The part where the AGE symbol attached are too easy to remove, i know it is the core fighter parts but it’s too fragile and not sitting well on the other body parts.
The other thing is the neck joint are too loose and i have to patch it with sticky tape. The neck is weirdly tall, not looks really good at all

11 June 2012

Being lazy all day and then decide to continue to work on my AGE-3 kit, with so little effort i can finished both arms part. After markering the panel lines here and there i’m trying the articulation and really surprise with that, its arms can bend 180 degree forward and for a simple kit that is a great articulation.

12 June 2012

Working on the leg part and again surprised by its articulation, it can bend 180 degree too just like the arm parts. Continue working on other leg, waist and skirt, now it is stand by its feet.

13 June 2012

Continue with my work and finish the AGE-3 kit by working on the core fighter/backpack and its Sigmaxxis Rifle, here it is High Grade Gundam AGE-3 Normal, simple kit with advanced articulation.
*the stand base are included



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