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1/144 Scale, Work In Progress

(Updated, 8 June 2012 – Finished Work) MSN-06S Sinanju (HGUC Titanium Finish)

My latest kit HGUC Sinanju Titanium Finish, i chose this titanium finish is because i think Sinanju will looks greater if its shiny, and yes i am right! I got this kit with just Rp 495.000 (5210 Yen), cheaper than any other seller i know
This is only a snapfit work with some markering to cover nubmarks and chipped coating, the ornament on Sinanju’s chest, arms, and knee are all stickers.

5 June 2012

After 3 days away, i start build the Sinanju and done with the body and head parts

6 June 2012

Continuing my work and finish building the shoulders, arms, and one of the leg

7 June 2012

It is rising, and stand on its own feet! Leaving last work to do is the booster parts, propellant tanks, weapons and shield.

8 June 2012

Done! my shiny Sinanju are standing tall, overall this kit really looks great with its shiny surface, models, and details. No weight issue at all, the rifle and shield are huge

That’s all! Wait for my AGE-3 work, will post it when i already start



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