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Game Review : Mini Motor Racing (Android OS Games)

Mini Motor Racing

Developer : The Binary Mill
Platform : Android OS 2.3.3 and up
Price : $ 1.96

This game is kinda cute, player use little cars with huge wheel and fun handling to drift or slide across circuit. Mini Motor Racing bring a whole new fun with lots of cars and circuit, use from sports car to military jeep or formula car to bus. Race in many circuit from downtown of city in Japan to hot and dusty Sahara, from highland in Alpine to ghost town in Wild West and with different time (day and night), reverse or normal mode.

Mini Motor Racing really are use the powerful hardware of Android device, with colorful and smooth graphic and so many animation this game bring new fun in every race. The sound of the cars are different one and another, the crashing sound and background sound are developed really great.

I tried this game on Samsung Galaxy Wonder, a little bit stutter at the start but for the rest of the gameplay there is no lag and stutter, i think my phone not powerfull enough but i’m satisfied with that. Developer team really make a great game for Android device and leaving every player stuck at their game.

Google Play link : Mini Motor Racing



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