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Movie Review: The Grey (2012)

Directed by Joe Carnahan & Liam Neeson as a lead actor and also starring with Frank Grillo, Dermot Mulroney, Dallas Robert, Joe Anderson, Nonso Anozie, and James Badge Dale. Based on the short story Ghost Walker by Ian MacKenzie Jeffers, who also co-wrote the screenplay with Carnahan.

John Ottway and some of his friends from group of oil-rig have to survive after their plane crashes in the blizzard into nowhere but snow in Alaska. They trying to find any help and safety from the group of wolfs that unfortunately they get into nearer with the dens of the wolves.

This film combine the taste of some adventures & psychological problems that happened to John and also indirectly, this film provides some tips for the audience to survive in the wild and how to deal with the wolves. However in the other hands, “The Grey” has been nominated for the first-ever “Scat Award” by a Minnesota wolf education center. According to the International Wolf Center, based in Ely, Minn., the Scat Award will be given out annually for the worst depiction of wolves in the media, and “The Grey,” with its depiction of wolves as man-eaters, has made the cut for this year’s nomination.

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One thought on “Movie Review: The Grey (2012)

  1. Heh, the Dire Wolves were quite laughable, as was his depiction of oil workers. Seriously, I would think twice before taking this movie’s advice on anything, but especially how to deal with wolves.

    Posted by danielwalldammit | Saturday, 17 Mar 2012, 00:26

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