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Promo Image : The New iPad

The latest released from Apple, The New iPad comes with some new feature and will be released in 16 March 2012.

The New iPad

New features :

– Retina Display

With the same 9.7 inch screen Retina display will make everything looks more crisper, photos and videos will be more detailed, text and color will come sharper. It will generate resolution reaching 2048 x 1536 pixels or 3.1 millions color pixels.

– A5X Quad Core Processor

Apple plant a quad core processor to power their new iPad.

– iSight Camera

5 megapixels iSight camera with advanced optics, a backside illumination sensor, auto white balance, and face detection. The new iPad can record 1080p HD video.

iSight Camera

– Ultrafast 4G LTE

New iPad planted with next generation wireless technology, Wi-Fi+4G LTE for fast data connection. We can choose between the Wi-Fi version or with 4G LTE.

– Battery Capacity

Even this new iPad use a more powerful processor and retina display, its still have the same battery life with iPad2 about 10 hours


Apple new iPad dimension

The New iPad

Buttons, jacks, and connector

The New iPad

The price will be the same as iPad2

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