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Lumus OE-31, Wearable heads-up display glass

wearing Lumus OE-31

Lumus launch the wearable display glass that can be use for glasses, goggles, or any other face and head devices/objects (motorcycle helmet, visor, binoculars, etc). This thing weigh only 10 grams so it will not blocking or making those face and head devices more heavy, Lumus OE-31 have 640×360 resolution and ranging 3 meters ahead for a better ergonomy with 19 degree field of view.

By connecting this device to phone, we can check new message, e-mail, and any other notification without having to take out the phone itself, or maybe it can be use as a rear view for motorcycle helmet, ski goggles, and dive mask.

Lumus OE-31

This is one of the promising technology that many people wait for a long time, having wearable heads-up display in our live is a one step ahead for a more better interface with gadgets.


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