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Diorama : MSN-06S Sinanju & Custom Hangar (MG Ver.Ka)

Another great diorama, featuring Master Grade Sinanju ver.Ka and a custom build hangar

Master Grade MSN-06S and Custom Hangar

Nice diorama with great detail such as cable, crane, and mechanic figure

View from both sides

Close up picture for details

Right top picture reminds me of the scene from Gundam Unicorn OVA where Full Frontal talk to one of the mechanic in front of the cockpit

Lower view

Hangar overall look

So that’s it, one great diorama to pleasure our eyes…eyegasm!

For source and more picture : gundamguy



2 thoughts on “Diorama : MSN-06S Sinanju & Custom Hangar (MG Ver.Ka)

  1. Hey fellow hobbist and, Gundam fan. I came across your pics of the custom hangar build. I was wondering if you would be, so helpful as to share how you made that hangar. I recently got into the S.H. Monsterart figures and I want to make a hangar diorama for my Mecha Godzilla. Your hangar is the perfect setup that I’m looking for. I would appreciate any help you have.

    Posted by Sam | Tuesday, 29 Jan 2013, 07:11

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