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Anime Review : Tokyo Magnitude 8.0

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This anime tells story about what happen to Tokyo if 8.0 earthquake hit the city, it all based on scientific prediction and story from many earthquake survivor in Japan. By watching this eleven episode anime we can imagine destruction, loss, sadness,and desperateness if disaster this big hit a big city with thousand people in it.

A girl named Mirai Onozawa and her little brother Yuuki Onozawa surviving in crumbling city after 8.0 earthquake hits Tokyo, they march from the city center to their home on the other side. On their way, they meet Mari Kusakabe a delivery women that volunteer her self to help those two kids back to their home.

Three main character (Mirai Onozawa, Mari Kusakabe, Yuuki Onozawa)

When watching this anime, there is no way we can guess what will happen next or what already happens but we are not realize it yet. In some part of this anime i think it is okay to let your tears to come out.

So, this is one of the best anime i ever watched because it can stir up our emotion and leaving us with unpredicted plot and ending

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One thought on “Anime Review : Tokyo Magnitude 8.0

  1. It would be interesting to watch this anime especially in light of the huge earthquake that Japan experienced March 2011. I have not seen it but I will see if I can find it and will check it out.

    Posted by GoodbyeNavi | Sunday, 19 Feb 2012, 01:48

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