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Review : RX-0 Full Armor Unicorn Gundam (MG)

One great mobile suit from newest OVA series of Gundam, RX-0 Full Armor Unicorn Gundam!
Honestly, i love the this gundam when it is on unicorn mode….but, this additional full armor makes it more complicated
The amount of the weapon packs is enormous
I don’t own this kit, just adore it so much

Front (really lots of weapon packs, from beam rifle,shield,beam saber,bazooka,and many other)

Back (Shield,Bazooka,and propellant tanks)

The shield on its backpack is for protecting the blind spot because this mobile suit can’t move to fast with all of weapons attached on it body, the two huge propellant tanks is for additional fuel maybe

This is really cool

Plain Destroy mode with green psycoframe without any weapon pack

Base Jabber type 94

The rocket and propellant tanks from this base jabber type 94 that is attached to the Unicorn Gundam, and yes…it’s in the package of this kit

I think if someone give me this kit, i will lazily build it…i can’t stand looking the amount of its parts, lol

*pictures taken from

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