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1/144 Scale

Review : RGM-96X Jesta (HGUC)

RGM-96X Jesta kit from Unicorn OVA is one of the special force ECOAS mobile suit, just looking at the box art we can tell it looks like SWAT team or any other special forces.

Jesta equipped with beam rifle

Back (Equipped with Backpack and shield)

The shield part on this kit is a bit unique, it’s not mount on hand part but it is mount on the side of the backpack, so when we pose this kit, it will not “get in the way”

Posing with beam rifle

One thing that disappointing on this kit is its articulation, it has so little leg articulation. It happens because some parts on the leg blocking the joint.

Beam Saber action

Overall, this kit comes with a great panel lines detail, color detail, and decal sticker.

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